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Mikaela is a Culinary Nutritionist and Health Coach, fusing the science of nutrition with the art of healthy eating and food creation. Mikaela offers nutrition and health coaching through a personalized approach. She believes that prevention of disease through food is the most powerful option we have. Her philosophy is rooted in bio-diversity; the understanding that each body is unique and thus has a unique path to optimal health. She believes in trying to help people live better and more fulfilled lives, and that happiness starts in the body. Whether it’s in the form of food, love, or experiences, the choice of what we use to fuel ourselves with will affect who we are.

Mikaela’s passion for food and nutrition started early. She was often found in the kitchen playing with food or in the garden eating vegetables. Her hunger for knowledge and adventure has led her to unimaginable experiences around the globe as she continuously explores various cultures to find new ingredients, health benefits, recipes and beautiful culinary traditions.

When Mikaela was 17, her father had a heart attack. Instead of using the traditional western approach he vowed to use lifestyle and food to heal himself. He lost 70 pounds by eating whole foods and various worldly supplements and regained his strength. After watching this real life example of food as medicine, Mikaela’s strong passion was ignited further. She began immersing herself in the study of food and healing traditions from around the globe, all the while completing her degree in human physiology. She started training under well-recognized LA based chef Wayne Forman, and decided to leave her masters in Physical Therapy to continue her pursuit of food and nutrition.

After 10 years of studying ingredients, food, and the physical body, Mikaela loves to share her secrets of health and happiness. She teaches her clients to truly EAT TO LOVE.