Healthy Snacking Series: Cauliflower Fritters

I have designed a healthy snacking series comprised of four different recipes and their nutritional benefits. They are all easy to make, full of flavor from various herbs and spices, and provide healthy fats and plant based proteins. 
It is often these days people are reaching for something to snack on, whether it be mid-morning, mid-afternoon or even right before bed. Without knowing it, what we reach for plays a huge role in our mood, sleep, weight management, productivity, energy and so forth. Snacking is not a terrible habit, if done consciously and responsibly. 
Eating snacks that are made up of mostly healthy fats, proteins and vegetables are most recommended. When we consume healthy fats and proteins these work together to stabilize hunger spikes and actually satisfy those cravings, keeping one feeling fuller for a longer period of time, reducing the chance of overeating. At the same time, eating an abundance of non-starchy vegetables is also recommended. Pairing these veggies with nuts, seeds, oils, herbs and spices is the perfect way to achieve healthy snacking. The goal of course is to wake up feeling alive, maintain energy and productivity throughout the day and finally get a good nights rest.
I will be providing one recipe every Thursday designed to help one achieve healthy snacking while actually enjoying the snack itself!
These cauliflower fritters were created to be paleo and gluten-free friendly by using cauliflower rice, grated carrot and almond meal as the main components. Flavoured with fresh herbs such as dill and thyme, dill helps to support proper digestion and ease digestive upset associated with excess gas. While thyme is packed full of anti-oxidants and healthy omega 3’s, preventing oxidative stress throughout the body and supporting brain health. 5 fritters alone provide up to 10 grams of plant based protein and are balanced with the healthy fats from olive oil to stabilize blood sugar and satiate ones appetite. Serve toasted over a salad, dip into a creamy hummus or give to kids as a nourishing after school snack. Click here for the recipe!