Month: February 2018

Healthy Snacking Series: Cauliflower Fritters

I have designed a healthy snacking series comprised of four different recipes and their nutritional benefits. They are all easy to make, full of flavor from various herbs and spices, and provide healthy fats and plant based proteins.  It is often these days people are reaching for something to snack on, whether it be mid-morning, […]

Feeding the Heart

Immensely powerful, Beets rid the body of toxins, support healthy heart function, and lower high blood pressure all while providing the body with a natural source of energy and healthy dietary fibre. Try out my recipe below for Beet & Thyme Dip with Cucumber Hearts! Beet & Thyme Dip with Cucumber Curls (or Hearts) Makes: […]

Sesame Seaweed Salad

Easy to prepare and full of nutrients, seaweed is one of those powerful superfoods that often go over looked. It contains iodine, an essential trace element found throughout the body (mainly stored in the thyroid gland) that plays a big role in the creation of hormones produced from the thyroid. Aside from thyroid health, iodine […]

Herbed Carrots

Easy to make roasted carrots seasoned with fresh thyme. Full of vitamin A, carrots help to support skin and eye health and assist in the maintenance of optimal digestive health. They can be enjoyed alone, chopped up into a salad or dipped into my hemp-chia pesto. Click here for the recipe.