Month: January 2017

Creamy Cocoa

Protein dense, fat rich, full of fibre, super creamy hot chocolate is a great way to enjoy a nutrient packed treat. Sweetened with dates, thickened with hemp hearts and frothy from added MCT oil, this superfood drink will leave your sugar craving satisfied from just one cups worth!

Building A Healthier You In 10 Steps

Taking time to chew, like my dog friend here, is one of 10 rituals to integrate into your life to increase everyday balance and health. From daily fasting to hydrotherapy to chlorophyll drops, have a look through the article that I created for Free People to learn more.

Your Guide To Healthy Midnight Snacking This Party Season

Party season may be over but mid-night snacking isn’t! In an interview for Vogue I listed my finest food swaps to help navigate more nutritionally dense late night munchies. Think roasted yams with pesto instead of french fries or home-made fried noodles or fried rice rather than take-out. Avoiding chemicals and processed foods will lessen […]

Weight Managing Foods

Created a piece for The New Potato highlighting some high fiber foods that can be supportive in weight management. Cabbage, psyllium, pomegranate and chia to name a few. Click here to read more!

Curried Beet Latkes

A gluten-free, flavoured alternative to the potato latke! Featuring curry spices, almond meal and thyme. Serve these warmed with a delicious dip, poach an egg and eat together for breakfast or serve one on the side of a salad. BEET LATKES Makes: 12 Latkes Ingredients 2 cups yukon gold potato, grated 1 cup red beets, […]